Express Yoga

Short on time, but still want to sneak your practice in? We get it! Our 30-Minute Express Yoga classes are mixed level classes that get you moving and flowing with the postures and breath. Like our Vinyasa classes, Express Flow still helps create strength and flexibility through awareness of alignment and what works in your body.

Beginner's Yoga

New to yoga? Awesome! The hardest part of yoga is walking through the door! Let us show you the basics of yoga so that you feel more comfortable with the practice! This is great for beginners or more advanced practitioners.


Our vinyasa classes are mixed level classes that link breath and movement together, help individuals find alignment that works in their bodies and combine strength with flexibility. Each class offers a unique combination of poses, designed by our amazing teachers.

Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga integrates acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage techniques, all in one flowing and loving sequence. The focus on community, health, partnership, and trust here supersedes that of many other styles of yoga.

Pricing Options


$24 Per Day Pass

Yoga is Included with the purchase of a day pass



Yoga is included in the price of any monthly membership