At The Factory at Reach, we view fitness as a lifelong pursuit. Our members understand the value of possessing a strong base of fitness for all aspects of life. With this in mind, we cater our programs to meet the needs of all general exercisers and recreational athletes. Our variety of classes help build functional strength and conditioning to promote increased performance and longevity for physical endeavors outside of the gym.

Utilizing equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, battle ropes, BOSUs, medicine balls, rowers, ski ergs, and airdyne bikes we make sure to deliver a full-body push with every workout. 

We do not believe in workouts that run participants into the ground and leave them out of commission for days at a time. Our programs are designed to achieve the exact opposite of this by supporting their fitness in a way that allows for participation in other activities. We aim to build a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy fitness and pursuing an active lifestyle.

Group Training Program

Base Camp
(Boot Camp)

A base camp is a place where expeditions start and end. If physical fitness is your journey, this class will provide all the right tools to get you there: strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening, and mobility work. Build an athletic foundation to rise to the physical demands of life’s challenges while having fun along the way!

Cardio Crux
(HIIT Training)

The crux is the most difficult and demanding part of any physical venture requiring extreme effort, focus, and endurance. High-intensity interval training combined with cardiovascular demand is paired with brief periods of rest in an all-out training session. Push yourself to the limit in this fast-paced, heart-pumping session and maximize post-workout fat burning!

Iron Grip
(Kettlebell Training)

Looking for one tool that can deliver muscle building, fat burning, functional strength, and mobility? Look no further than the kettlebell. Its unique design allows for more contact points with the body for strength training while incorporating ballistic motions that build power and athleticism. Learn fun and exciting new movements while pushing your fitness to the limits in this total-body training class!

Strength Summit
(Functional Strength Training)

Summits are destinations that humans seek to conquer as a testament to their sacrifice, dedication, and willpower. Acquiring physical strength requires all of the same variables. Without a solid base of strength, the body cannot reach its full physical potential. This class will teach participants the essential movement patterns of the human body and how to incorporate them into a total body strength training program. Build your strength and confidence in a supportive environment that is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Mission Mobility
(Joint Strength Training)

Our joints are the junctions through which bodily movement is created, although many put minimal focus into maintaining overall joint health. The function and capacity of our muscle tissue is directly impacted by how well we can move and control our joints. Learn how to assess and strengthen your joints to gain more bodily control and therefore more freedom of movement.

Peak Suspense
(TRX Training)

Reaching the peak of physical fitness is no easy task. The TRX suspension trainer is the ultimate tool for utilizing bodyweight strength. It allows athletes to dial in their own level of difficulty by setting the angle at which they choose to train from. Engage your core with every movement, while working in challenging body positions across all planes of movement. You’ll be amazed by how effective of a total body strength session you can experience with TRX straps and your own body weight.

Primal Calisthenics
(Bodyweight Training)

The ability to harness the strength of your own body weight is essential in sport and many other life activities. The more capable you are of supporting your own frame, the stronger and more fit you can become. Learn to properly apply muscular tension and build tremendous strength with only the weight of your own body in this challenging class.


This class will guide you through a modified primary series which is a great way to start your day. Perfect for beginners and experienced yogis.

Private Training & Individual Program Design

Work with our talented team of certified trainers to set your individual goals, perform a detailed assessment of your current physical fitness, and develop an individualized program to lead you to success! No goal is too large when you have the comforting guidance of a fitness professional. 

Individual sessions are not your style? Recruit a partner or small group of friends to train together in our partner and small group training sessions! Similar to personal training, each group member will receive an assessment and individualized plan, but all will complete their sessions together with their trainer as a group. This is a great option for those who still want personalized instruction but at a lower cost.

Personal & Small Group Training Rates

IndividualPartnerSmall group (3-5 people)
(30 min)
1 session: $35
5 sessions: $165
10 sessions: $315
1 session: $55
5 sessions: $260
10 sessions: $500
$20 per person per session
(60 min)
1 session: $65
5 sessions: $315
10 sessions: $620
1 session: $100
5 sessions: $475
10 sessions: $900
$40 per person per session

If you are looking for help, but don’t need regular in-person instruction, our program design option may be right for you! You will work with one of our trainers to establish goals, then complete an assessment, and be provided a 4-week training program tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to train on your own time, but with a professionally designed program to support your unique goals.

4 Week Individualized Training Program w/ Assessment


Open Gym:

Looking for a gym to train individually? Our 3,500-sq-ft fitness area holds all the necessary tools to support a physical lifestyle. The Factory at Reach has open gym hours daily. Check in with our front desk staff and get to work. Our fitness area is highlighted by our 24 ft Rogue bar park equipped with TRX suspension trainers and pull-up bars. We have an extensive free weight area and a variety of strength and cardio equipment, including Peloton bikes and Tread.

Let’s get to work!