Tiny Reachers

Ages 2-4


This 45-minute class is a perfect intro for our youngest climbers. We will work to enhance your child's motor, listening, and comprehensive skills, as we challenge your child to develop their physical and mental muscles and explore new possibilities. Parent or guardian participation is required unless approved by instructor.

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Children Bouldering Classes
Child Climbing Autobelay

Ready Reachers

Ages 4-8

Saturdays & Sundays

In this 60-minute class, we stress problem solving and listening skills as we begin to teach what it means to work towards goals. Climbers in the class will be able to explore our full facility with the guidance of our coaches and discover more about the wonderful world of climbing.

Youth Climbing Classes Autobelay
Youth Climbing Classes Top Rope
Youth Climbing Classes Bouldering

Super Reachers

Ages 8-14

Wednesdays, Saturdays, & Sundays

With this 90-minute class we capitalizing on all major concepts of movement and problem solving in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. This class is ideal for climbers of any basic ability level that want to take their climbing to the next level, enjoy climbing related games, or just come to climb alongside their teammates!

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Youth Teen Climbing Classes Bouldering Overhang
Youth Teen Climbing Classes Bouldering

Pricing Options


$28 Per Class



Pricing Includes Full Membership to The Factory

Sibling & Family Discounts Available

$100 Per Month

w/ 1 Class Per Week


$180 Per Month

w/ 2 Classes Per Week


$270 Per Month

w/ 3 Classes Per Week