Youth Teams

Team Reach strives to guide and foster our youth’s love for climbing. We prepare our athletes for wherever their climbing aspirations pull them via curriculum developed by our experienced and professional coaches. From Advanced to Elite Team, all members of Team Reach are challenged by fun and carefully structured practices in order to build strength, character and confidence in their own abilities. 

The Factory is a major benefit to joining Team Reach as the walls were built to simulate USAC competition climbing. The facility was designed by our Head Coach Charlie Schreiber to replicate championship-level events, volumes, holds, and setting style! What more could a competition climber ask for?

Teams Ability Levels:

Advanced Team

  • Kids of any age must be able to climb 5.10+/V3.

Competitive Team

  • Kids between the ages 6-9yrs must be able to climb 5.11a/V3.
  • Kids between the ages 9-11yrs must be able to climb 5.11c/V4.
  • Kids between the ages 12-14yrs must be able to climb 5.12a/V5.
  • Kids that are 14yrs or older must be able to climb 5.12c/V6.

Elite Team

  • Kids between the ages 8-11yrs must be able to climb 5.13a/V8.
  • Kids between the ages 12-14yrs must be able to climb 5.13b/V9.
  • Kids that are 14yrs or older must be able to climb 5.13c/V10.


$215 / Month
$245 / Month
3 Classes/Week
$295 / Month
$215 / Month$245 / Month$295 / Month

Walls and Training Boards

Our walls are designed for climbers of any level of experience. Everything from low-angle beginner boulders to replicas of USA Climbing’s competition walls are available at The Factory. First time on a climbing wall? We will make sure you learn how to get to the top!

  • More than 100 ft of slab terrain
  • 12×12 ft Barrel featured Spray Wall 
  • 12×12 ft LED and adjustable Kilter Board
  • LED and adjustable Tension Board
  • 14×10 ft suspended Campus Board
  • Hangboard Station that includes the five most popular hangboards available:
    • Eva Lopez’s Transgression Board
    • Moon Fingerboard
    • Trango Rock Prodigy Forge
    • Beastmaker 2000
    • Beastmaker Micros (10mm, 8mm, 6mm)

Our double-sided campus board hovers four feet off the ground and features more than 10 different wooden campus ladders that vary from micro crimps to massive jug rails. One side is a typical 20-degree overhang and the other side is inverted stairs designed to offer more swing during upward movements. The bottom features sloping grips on the side to practice roof compression and heel/toe hooking! 

Additional features:

  • Five campus boulders that are re-set regularly and vary from beginner to elite
  • Volume-only section that is re-set regularly for constant challenge
  • Micro-crimps spray wall for practicing snatching small and sharper crimps
  • Door knobs on the roof for improving finger strength 


The Factory is aimed at helping you improve movement, technique, finger strength, and athleticism. The route setting is specifically designed to be a balance between outdoor climbing style and competition bouldering. No matter your level or ability we make sure there are climbs for you.

We use holds from top USA Climbing sponsors in order to provide our climbers with the grips they will encounter in competition. We routinely set using volumes to create unique terrain and angles.

Bonus! We set our campus board with unique footless boulders to provide the most ideal upper-body strength training for the demands you will encounter on the rock and in competition.

Hold Companies: Cheetah, 360 Holds, Blocz, BluePill, Kilter, Squadra, Unit, Entreprises, Decoy, Flathold, E-Grips, and Teknik

Turnover of the entire gym ranges between 5-7 weeks.

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